Your animals have something to say… Why not ask?

[Updated: 01/27/18.]

Welcome to 500 Turtles! (Please note this site is in development. A revamp will commence shortly soon eventually.) I’m Benjamin Scuglia, an author and playwright, producer and stage manager, actor, traveler and recovering curmudgeon of moderate renown. I’m also an energy intuitive with a special gift for tapping into the energy of pets and other animals. You have may encountered me at Kindred Spirits in Claremont, CA or in a chatroom at I have a unique ability to read humans through the eyes of their pets (and vice versa). In a reading with me, expect lots of laughs, perhaps a few healthy tears, and plenty of insight into how our animal companions view their lives with us. Read more…


Robbie: “I’m VERY important!” (photo © Anna Saunders: