About 500 turtles

Benjamin Scuglia is a writer, producer and medium with a special gift for tapping into the energy of pets and other animals. He has a unique ability to read humans through the eyes of their pets (and vice versa).

Why 500 Turtles?

I am a lifelong turtle lover. I cannot point to one specific reptile or moment that sparked my love of turtles; I came out of the womb that way. My parents have stories of me, as a baby, crawling towards stuffed turtles and pictures of turtles.

Although I was never allowed to own a live turtle when I was growing up, I collected them and became famous in my family for it. I was given turtles of every shape, size, color and material for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. At one point I counted them all and the number had reached exactly 500 (although I’m sure it’s far beyond that number now).

turtle_webWhen I moved to Los Angeles in 1992 to pursue a career as a screenwriter, novelist and playwright, I needed a name for my production company. And “500 Turtles Productions” just popped into my head. It felt right; it felt like me.

Years later, when it came time to start this very website dedicated to pet readings and my psychic work, I cast about for just the right name; something evocative for a first-time visitor, and yet also personal to me. 500Turtles.com just felt like the right choice.

People ask if I’ve ever read a turtle. As of early 2017, just once! But it was a lovely experience; he walked right over to me as I sat on the ground and began walking in circles around me while his owners watched in amazement (he was known to have a antisocial temperament. He promptly diagnosed the stomach pain of one of his keepers, too).