Pet Stories: “I’m VERY important!”

Many people are extremely curious about what animals are thinking. I happen to have the ability to tune in and hear them quite clearly. You would be absolutely astonished by how much animals understand about our lives, how they view their own place in the family, what they consider their job to be and how much effort they put into helping us.

Robbie (photo courtesy Anna Saunders)

Robbie (photo courtesy Anna Saunders)

Robbie: The first thing Robbie said to me was, “I’m VERY important!” He felt the center of the household and entirely deserving of all the attention given to him. He was quite happy to tell his stories — couldn’t wait, in fact — and was very pleased that one of his guardians had, quite appropriately in his opinion, been using him as a model for her new pet photography business. Learning about Robbie’s enthusiasm helped his owner focus more concretely on pursuing her dream job.

Fairly frequently I do readings for people who are having an issue with their companion animal. I am able to tell you how the animal sees things and what they’re trying to tell you by their behavior. Often this communication alone will reduce the animal’s stress levels and improve the situation a great deal. What this communication offers you is invaluable perspective on your animal companion’s personality, its preferences and point of view on your habits and schedule, which can lead to insight into how best to communicate with each other and improve both of your lives.

Harmony ... she wanted to be acknowledged for all the work she was doing.

Harmony: "I want to be acknowledged for all the work I'm doing." (photo courtesy Suzanne O'Keeffe)

Harmony is a very dedicated student, learning all about the work of a companion cat in clearing and grounding the space where she lives as well as teaching the newcomers (kittens) how the world works. She really wanted to be acknowledged for all the work she was doing. Her guardian could hardly believe that Harmony was looking for a little acknowledgment, which seemed to her to be a human trait.

The broader picture was that Harmony was unsure of her place in the pack — that is, the group she had formed with her guardian and several other cats. More to the point: Her guardian hadn’t fully claimed her sense of responsibility in leading their little group. Giving Harmony the credit she wanted for her hard work helped her guardian understand how to better assume the role of a pack leader — and to become a stronger, more self-assured person overall.

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Silver Cloud assigned herself the job of co-writer (her guardian is a writer) and hallway inspector. She takes these jobs very seriously and is unsettled if she can’t perform them properly. In learning about Silver Cloud’s dedication to her very specific jobs, her guardian was provided a gentle, humorous lesson in discipline.


Silver Cloud: "I like writing." (photo courtesy Suzanne O'Keeffe)

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