Hannah Dennison, author, Los Angeles

“Meeting Ben completely changed our relationship with Mr. Tig, our high-maintenance and very sensitive elderly cat. Our initial reason for seeking help was because of clawing issues. My husband was skeptical at first but Ben’s inexplicable knowledge of bizarre secrets and details from Mr. Tig’s life convinced him otherwise. Ben suggested ways we could communicate with Mr. Tig. His clawing problems have stopped and he’s a much happier cat — especially since Ben told us he preferred to hang out with my husband rather than be smothered by me! We cannot recommend Ben highly enough.”
(September 2009)

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turtle_tiny_isoJoanne O’Brien, performer and owner of Sittin’ Kitty cat-sitting service, Los Angeles

“My experience with Ben was truly incredible. He communicated with my cats as if they had been seeing him in therapy for years! He knew everything about them and they were very forthcoming in sharing with him! He was 100-percent dialed into their personalities and they told him things that no one else knew about them but me! I highly recommend Ben’s gift to all pet owners! He truly made a difference and even deepened the bond that I have with my boys. Ben is the real deal.”
(August 2009)

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Suzanne O’Keeffe, filmmaker and author, Los Angeles

“Ben is an insightful, accurate and extremely helpful ‘pet whisperer’ who can actually converse with your pet and see what’s going on — how they feel and think and why they’re doing what they’re doing. He picks up insights about your interaction with your animals that can bring clarity to issues in your own life as well. He has great gift that could help many people improve both the harmony of their home and the bond they share with their animal companions.

“Ben has been reading my kitties for four years now and he’s shared many exceptional insights that have helped a great deal in this three-cat household. He has helped clear up many odd behavior issues and has resolved conflicts both from my perspective and, it seems, from my cats’.

Harmony giving a quick lesson to Pepper. (photo courtesy Anna Saunders)

Harmony giving a quick lesson to Pepper. (photo courtesy Anna Saunders: glamorhounds.com)

“Here is one example: Harmony, my slightly older kitty, came to me after being abandoned by her original family who’d moved away and left her behind. As a result of having been forced to scavenge to survive, she was now untrustworthy around food. She’d steal it off the table when I turned my back, eat any food the other kitties had left, and tear open bags of dry food. I was wearing thin from the need to be constantly vigilant around any food.

“I asked Ben if he could give a talk to Harmony. Ben quickly explained that Harmony didn’t really see this as a problem (of course), and it also was related to issues I was going through in my life. I was having fears around money at the time… that there wouldn’t be enough for me to survive. Harmony was picking up my fears and acting them out. Ahh…! So I worked diligently on clearing my own fears. Sure enough, in time, Harmony’s anxieties — and mine — have eased substantially. I keep sending Harmony mental pictures of her walking away from her bowl with food left in it, then coming back and, surprise, the food is still there. Once she even left some food in her own bowl. I was very proud of her.”
(July 2009)

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Anna Saunders, pet photographer, Los Angeles

“At first I was dubious that Ben could tell what was going on in my dogs’ heads but it soon became apparent that Ben could ‘read the images’ that were going on in their little Terrier minds! My older dog Rudy ‘asked me’ if I could try and be a lot more gentle when I groom him (I have to admit to being rather heavy-handed). He also asked if he could have some more beef Bourguignon as he liked it so much last time!

Robbie (photo courtesy Anna Saunders)

Robbie (photo courtesy Anna Saunders: glamorhounds.com)

“Ben then went on to tell me that my other dog Robbie (that I had recently adopted from the shelter) thought that he was ‘very important’! This makes sense as I use him as a lighting model for my pet photography business.

“Ben then told me about Robbie’s past house, before I adopted him, and how they spoke a different language to me and that he was having trouble understanding the new language. Robbie also had a habit of running off down the road at full speed if he was let off his leash! Ben let him know that this upset me and directly after the visit Robbie was just fine being let off his leash on all of his trail walks which was pretty amazing!

“Thank you, Ben, for all your insight!”
(February, 2008)

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